Off ot see the Wizard... Al & Co at the Getty Info Inst

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 17:44:25 -0700

[Actually, not: Al Gore couldn't make it in the end and is sending Bill
Ivey, NEA Director instead. Program attached at end. See you there, RK]

Communicating Culture

LOS ANGELES - October 22-23, 1998

An International Invitational Conference
Hosted by: The Getty Information Institute
Cooperating Organizations: The World Bank and
The President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

For fifteen years the Getty Information Institute has sought to harness the
power of information technology for the advancement of the arts by creating
tools that provide easier access to cultural information in the networked
environment. In the course of this work, it became clear that those
developing cutting-edge technology were unaware of the valuable information
resources under the jurisdictions of cultural institutions. Likewise,
cultural institutions were limited in their ability to capitalize on the
power and promise of technological innovations.

For cultural institutions the challenge of the new millennium is enormous.
How do traditional institutions such as museums and libraries capture the
attention of a technologically sophisticated audience? How can institutions
that are essentially local compete for resources, audiences, and support in
an increasingly global society? How do they successfully deliver complex
messages to audiences accustomed to the =8Csound bite=B9?

Communicating Culture will bring together an international gathering of
senior-level representatives for whom these challenges are a daily concern.
We hope that the discussions will bring to light areas of mutual interest,
emphasize the important role of culture in today=B9s evolving information
society, and identify natural partnering opportunities between the public
and private sectors. This dialogue will be expanded via two video conferenc=
sites in the greater Los Angeles area and through an online discussion that
will take place on this Web site following the conference.
We hope you will join in the discussion of these important issues.

Attendance at Communicating Culture is by invitation only.

Technology in the New Millennium: Seizing the Opportunities
*Bill Ivey, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts
Drawing on his experience in forging strong, productive relationships
between the nonprofit and commercial arts sectors, Bill Ivey will discuss
challenges to cultural life in a digital age.

The Cultural Continuum
*Peter Schwartz, Co-Founder and Chairman, Global Business Network
A renowned futurist and business strategist, Peter Schwartz will offer
scenarios on possible social and cultural trends over the next 20-30 years
in light of evolving technologies and the emergence of a global

Networked Cultures
*Einar Stefferud, Founder and President, Network Management Associates
An early pioneer in online networking, Einar Stefferud will review the
evolution of online networks, discuss their relevance to cultural
institutions, and outline opportunities for cultural institutions to succee=
in a networked environment.

& so on & so forth....