Now here's a fun job... [W3CM]

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 15:08:58 -0800

...heck, I'm tempted to apply myself ;-)

Oh, wait: "must be... excited by mission of the W3C". Drat!

Just kidding,


Communications and Marketing Manager

World Wide Web Consortium seeks Communications and Marketing Manager to
define and communicate W3C=B9s image in the media, the Internet industry, and
the world at large. Responsibility for communications with media, and
refining, developing and promoting the W3C brand.=A0 As the premier Web
standards setting organization, we seek an individual with cutting edge
marketing expertise in the Internet industry and awareness of opportunities
for broadening industry and general public understanding of W3C's role.=A0 Th=
position will be based at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science.

REQUIREMENTS: extensive experience in the Internet community as a
communications and marketing professional, and strong written and spoken
communication skills. Track record of defining and promoting a major brand.=
Ability to establish and maintain relationships with opinion leaders and
critical members of the community. Excellent team player must also be
autonomous under pressure. Some level of understanding of WWW technology,
and ability to work a WWW-based environment is required. Highly motivated
individual excited by the mission of the W3C.