Re: NT5 renamed

Robert Harley (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:59:38 +0100 (MET)

LW uttered:
>>Windows 2000 Server will support new systems with up to two-way SMP [...]
>>existing Windows NT Server 4.0 systems with up to
>>four-way SMP can be upgraded to this product.
>What kind of a joke is this?

Brother Bill has declared that going from 4 up to 2 is an upgrade.

Remember when your chocolate ration was increased from 400 grams to 200?

Comrade LLoyd, you are guilty of thoughtcrime.

Please turn yourself in to Minisoft immediately.


PS: I hate to think that we will be subjected to the redundant
"N(ew) T(echnology) technology" phrase for the next couple of years.

PPS: A ten-way cluster of Netwinders running Linux: