Re: "communist" farmers hound verifiable test of vidalia sweetness

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> [This offends me deeply. I can't believe they're going to get away with
> hounding this fellow. In any other market, 97% would sign up with his
> service or another and move on. In any case, it's a violation of free speech
> and association, no? Rohit]
> >>
>Maybe you can explain to me why I, a Florida resident, cannot find, much less
>buy, a Florida Sweet onion. They are every bit as good as Vidalia onions, but
>way cheaper. They are simply unavailable. I asked the Publix produce person
>why, but no one seems to know. Maybe they're just AFRAID TO TALK! Commie my
>hiney - it's the Georgia Mafia!
>"I'll make you a offah y'all can't refuse, Boy!"

Can you by a California orange? Because I can't. Only Floridia Oranges.


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