Re: "communist" farmers hound verifiable test of vidalia sweetness

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 22:35:08 -0800 wrote:
> I can think of worse things than being a regional chest thruster:

> 9) an asshole

:-) Well, we've already established back in
that I am one of these.

> 10) an academic

Believe me, many times I'd *like* to be one of these, but it
just doesn't pay enough..

> 2) an anal retentive

Oh, I think we can certainly say I'm one of these. It fits in
quite nicely with asshole, actually.

> 1) a nitpicker
> 3) a hooligan
> 4) a Gallooly
> 5) a galut or lug (big)
> 6) a shirker
> 7) a goldbricker
> 8) a lame duck

<shrug> I suppose I might be some/all of these. Haven't given
it much thought.

> Geege

Hey, no (deep) offense intended - not to you, or Tim, or anyone.
The oranges are hardly the most irksome bits I've ever seen on FoRK.
Not sure quite what caused me to pick on them. Baah -
I certainly don't have
the mental energy needed to do any serious sparring here anyway,
whether in ernest or in jest.

So just how far can you thrust your chest, anyway? (Just wondering :).

Mumbling Grumblings,