Re: Pete Fielding on the new Eastern Toll Road in OC

Dave Long (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 01:34:38 -0800

>future growth. Planners predict a rush-hour time savings of 30 minutes on a
>trip from Corona to the Irvine Spectrum. That commute now averages about an
>hour and 20 minutes.

>The Inland Empire is a mecca of affordable homes but has a relatively
>weak job base, causing heavy traffic across suburban county lines.

How much cheaper is Corona/Norco housing than El Toro or whatever's Right
Next To The Spectrum (and its parking lot of extraordinary magnitude)?
$150K? So, $150K/30 years is $5K/yr, and at 250 working days*, it's about
$20/day for 2.6 hours of commute.

That doesn't seem like a good tradeoff at all, and we're externalizing gas,
insurance, depreciation, and the chance to spend a significant portion
(>10%) of one's life on the 91 or related freeway.

Is my math off? Or is this GIGO? Would it make more sense if I compared


* anyone have good pointers to how many days/year a feudal villager would be
expected to work on the demesne lands instead of his own strips?