Re: CA Proposition 6

John Boyer (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 18:27:08 -0600

> Anyone ever tried horsemeat? I hear it tastes like Buffalo.

Boy, That really got me thinking. In my short life I've had moose, elk, deer,
rabbit, eel, alligator, snake, buffalo, goat, sheep, turtle, squirrel, raw pork,
raw beef, beef brain, pork brain, and in Vietnam I had barbecued mouse and pho
balls made from dog. Hey, pho dog balls !
But alas, no horse.
If this stupid thing passes, I would love to come out to cali for a horse meat
protest party. Maybe get arrested and dragged out to the paddy wagon with Paul
Newman's barbecue sauce dripping from my chin. I can see it now, all over the
state, former hemp club members will band together into secret horse meat

But they may have to order the contraband from Uruguay or Iceland...

Whatever happens, just be sure you don't invite this guy:


BTW, congrats on your graduation. I will have an agave swig in your honor.