Re: Windows 2000 already trademarked

David Crook (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 20:43:51 -0800

Has anyone setup a pool for what month Windows 2000 will really get
released in? I thinking July 2001 with the customary "Please ignore the
man behind the curtain, these are enhancements not emergency bug fixes to
cover gaping security holes" first service pack around October later that

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At 05:42 PM 11/3/98 -0500, Robert S. Thau wrote:
>Lloyd Wood writes:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Guffaw. Someone trademark 'Windows Y2K', quick.
> >
> > L.
>No, the logical alternative is Windows 2001... which would also give
>them some time to try to rework and integrate their voice input work
>and the "character-driven interface" ideas which didn't quite pan out
>in Microsoft Bob:
> "Open the CD-ROM drive door, Hal."
> "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that."
> "Come on, Hal. I need to install this..."
> "Dave, I can't let you do that. Installation of non-Microsoft
> software would jeopardize the success of the mission."
> And so on...

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