Re: FoRK-noarchive discussion

Dave Long (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:25:14 -0800

>Remember, all your bits from now on are archived. Are you proud of
>every single thing you've ever done online?

One of the points that Brin brings up in _The Transparent Society_ is that
the incidence of stone throwing might be reduced when everyone resides
in a glass house. (come to think of it, he also points out that the
of throne-stowing is reduced in such cases -- but only with public,

A quick visit to the local county Hall of Records should prove convincing
there's quite a bit more than online behavior being archived. (and that
retrieval systems were fairly sophisticated before automation[1], but clerks
require different optimizations than machines) A good reverse-directory
also enlighten.

It's too bad that Lotus MarketPlace(??) was never released.


If God meant Man to walk around naked, he'd be born that way.

[0] the mention of the earliest concern with
symmetric transparency of which I am aware was circa 2350BC, when an
administrative reform was composed such that "citizens were allowed to know
why certain actions were punished"

[1] office equipment ads from the 60's show the transition: large machines
with electronic interfaces to jukebox manila file folders.