Re: One Stupid Thing a Celebrity Can Do to Mess Up Their Life
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 17:54:36 -0500 (EST)

Just to clear up a few things from my posts earlier today:

1) I did not mean to insult Minnesotans in my post on The Body going to Washington and, after reading Ben's post, I can certainly see that perhaps having Jesse Ventura as a Governor may be okay (if he is as decent as Ben makes him out to be)....but I see no reason why Joe has to go insulting Canadians...

2)Tim Byars, in a fork-noarchive post, wrote the following:

> Well aren't you a mark for puritanical beliefs.

No ... my beliefs are not puritanical at all... in fact, I am a liberal. My point this morning was not that it was so horrible that she took these photos, but that she is such a hypocrite. These photos turning up (in light of her theories that chastity is a virtue, etc) is similar to finding out that Tipper Gore is a major stockholder in record companies that produce albums with explicit lyrics.

>You seem to have a problem
> separating personal expression and moral values.

Nope, no problem. You seem to have a problem with making assumptions based upon too little information about a person and who they are ;-)

> So I'm guessing one who
> has moral values never is naked? Or is never naked >where there is a camera around?

No one can take a few simple sentences and screw them around to have a different meaning than intended quite like the good Dr. Byars....

Nuff said... I refuse to engage in this conversation further today as I have a date to get ready for (yes, I have found a personal life since moving to Jersey...hurrah).


p.s./why is so much of this going in to fork-noarchive?
this bugs me to no end, esp. since it is so much quicker for me to read the archives and then just respond using this hopelessly slow e-mail account that I have set up with iname...

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