Re: Irvine Schools

Dave Long (
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 13:25:58 -0800

>I wonder if they are going to teach them how to look
>up their stock quotes and download pornography?

Raise your expectations, that's merely a one-siter.

IEG's says: "Bringing you the TWO most sought
after commodities on the web " I suppose the only way to drive that meme
Furthur would be to blue-screen in the quote information (or have fun with
tables, a la bloomberg) and bring in the ad revs by convincing your quotees
to do some product placement.

> Kalli, 19, says "friends often tell me what a nice
> backside I have -- but it doesn't compare to the
> backside cache on my G3."
[sure enough, the young lady in the image, in a pose
which cannot be considered ergonomic, confirms part
of the claim. Although we can't verify the accuracy of
the other part from the image, the machine in question
clearly displays "AAPL - 38.6875 (3992600)"]

Maybe they'll teach them how to do factor analysis so they can rank the
significance of "laptop-oriented curriculum" compared to "teacher
interaction" and "education of parents"...


(let's see... 42 students * $2500+ ~= $100K, which is probably ~2 teachers.
not much of a difference over ~500 9th graders, but if we were to look at
only the 40, that'd cut class sizes in half. I find it amusing that
Tennessee experience considers low 20's a large class, whereas my post-Prop
13 CA K12 experience was that low 30's was normal)