Re: Satish Sanan makes a splash in the NRI thoroughbred market

Dave Long (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 19:33:13 -0800

>I have to admit the second most shocking thing about the notice was the
>Florida hq -- I'm always shocked to see IT in the South, certainly further
>south than Atlanta. (hi johnboy!)

Remember, much of Florida is about as Southern as the Beltway.

Although Ocala may be Southern, and the panhandle certainly is, I'll bet the
populace of Clearwater thinks d-yankee ought to be two words.

-Dave corroborates. asking for a few hundred businesses with
"dixie" or "american" and taking ratios by area code gives the following

3.8 (850) the panhandle
1.9 (352) Ocala area
0.9 (813) Clearwater area
0.4 (305) Miami area