Agony Column
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 19:02:36 EST

1) I'm in a quandry - what to get Dr. Bolcer for his 31st B-day? I was
thinking a chocolate scented orchid, because I just got one myself. It's
called "Sharry Baby" . . . which got me thinking about the new DANCE ALBUM
(that's what it's called, an ALBUM) by Cher (who, incidentally, is looking
more and more like Morticia Addams as time and plastique surgery take their
toll). Those of you who have seen Greg out on a dance floor (the null set)
know he is probably the only one of us who either owns a phonagraph or can
make one himself.

And speaking of Cher's butt, currently I don't have any tattoos or piercings
or anything because I thought it would be cool to offer up to medical science
a totally unpunctured and unmarked example at some time in the future, but
since I broke my elbow last year I am no longer a perfect specimen. Also, my
1998 New Year's resolution was to have sex by 1999 or get a tattoo. The
tattoo is looking like a done deal. I thought text would be best - any ideas?
(excluding "Sex or Bust" which has already been suggested).


Or a logo . . . a personal logo might be cool.