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Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:36:32 EST

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*** Subaru Forester tops small SUVs in crash tests

DETROIT (Reuters) - Only one out of 10 models of fast-selling small
sport utility vehicles earned even a "good" safety rating in crash
tests, an insurance industry group said Tuesday. The Subaru Forester
took the lone "good" rating while the Isuzu Motors Ltd.'s Amigo was
the only model ranked "poor" in 40 mph frontal crash tests conducted
by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Small sport utility
vehicles are "often marketed toward young people, who are at high
risk of being involved in crashes," said Institute President Brian
O'Neill. "As this test series shows, most of these vehicles aren't
going to offer the kind of protection they should be offering in the
event of a serious frontal crash." See>>

What they don't tell you is that in their SECRET IIHS car-crash den they have
a whole other covert scoring system: the SUV that inflicts the most damage on
cars like, say, a Volkswagen GOLF gets the most points.

Also, I'd like to remark on the adjective choice of "serious" modifying
"frontal crash." Is there such thing as a "comical" frontal crash, outside of
the Keystone Cops? I think not, which only underscores the totally cavalier
(no, not the Chevy, though it fits) and irreverent attitude of SUV
afficianados for the more vulnerable driver of NTV's (Non Tank Vehicles).

This whole Hard Cars Movement (HCM) is leading to higher insurance rates for
those of us who can least afford it - the Sissy Car Drivers (SCD's). Because
those same vehicular superiority tests also prove I am more likely to suffer
"serious" bodily injury (as opposed to mutilation lite) in my VW at the hands
of unweildy (yes, unweildy ON the road, not off) SUV's, I'M the one targetted
to pay a premium. Makes sense to me - I'm paying for the luxury of staring
DEATH in the face more often.

How I see it:


SUV = SCD - (LIFE + $$$)
(- SUV) = SCD (LIFE + $$$)

I failed Alegebra II,