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My favorite band names: Mice Parade & Hefner

- Jim

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You Know you want it...

*KUCI Top 30:11/17/98*
1. Mice Parade- The True Meaning of Boodleybaye (Bubble Core)
2. Hive- Devious Methods (ffrr)
3. Dub Pistols- Point Blank (1500 Records)
4. ICU- Chotto Matte a Moment! (k)
5. Kruder and Dorfmeister- The K&D Sessions (k7)
6. Spiritualized- Live at Albert Hall (Arista)
7. Squarepusher- Music is Rotted 1 Note (Nothing)
8. Wagonchrist- Tally Ho! (Astralwerks)
9. Roswell Incident- Transantarctic (Self Released)
10. Rondelles- Fast Machines (Smells Like)
11. Babyland- Outlive Your Enemies (Mattress)
12. Hefner- Breaking God's Heart (Too Pure)
13. Natural Calamity- Peach Head (Ideal)
14. 00I00- S/T (Kill Rock Stars)
15. 764-Hero- Get Here and Stay (Up)
16. Pressure Drop- Got to be for Real 12" (Higher Ground/ Hard Hands)
17. Cadallaca- Introducing... (k)
18. Belle and Sebastian- Boy w/ the Arab Strap (Matador)
19. Talvin Singh- O.K. (Island)
20. Scarnella- S/T (Smells Like)
21. V/A- Deeper Concentration (OM)
22. Einsturzende Neubauten- Ende Neu (Nothing)
23. Sunny Day Real Estate- How Does It Feel To Be Something On (SubPop)
24. Cat Power- Moon Pix (Matador)
25. Death- The Sound of Perserverance (Nuclear Blast)
26. Stereolab- Aluminum Tunes (Drag City)
27. V/A- IPS: WNYU Live (Self Released)
28. His Name is Alive- Ft. Lake (4AD)
29. Prolapse- The Italian Flag (Jetset)
30. Eugene Chadborne- Volume 2: Solo Accoustic Guitar (Rastascan)
* ADDS: *
V/A- Solutions and Remedies (Claire Records)
Bombay the Hard Way- Guns Cars and Sitars (Motel)
Blackcowboy- S/T (Perfect Pitch)
The Buddyrevelles- September, November (Motorcoat)
Frosty- Liquor Drink (Menlo Park)
Third Eye Foundation- Fear of a Weak Planet (Domino)
Vic Chesnut- The Salesman and Bernadette (Capricorn)
Fiver- Eventually Something Cool Will Happen (Devil in the Woods)
V/A- Boston Underbelly (Sublingual)
The Lothars- Meet the Lothars (Camera Obscura)
Duotron- The Complete Book of... (Scratch)
Tri Mi Pi- Eat Here (What's Wrong w/ Your Eye?)
Robert Krzisnik- Currents of Time (Tone Casualties)
Appleseed Cast- The End of the Ring Wars (Deep Elm)
The Fireman- Rushes (Hydra)

P.S. Anji is out for a couple of weeks, so I will be taking over.

Matt Mallard
Ass. Music Dir &

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