Sigh [was: RE: Humour from the Times of India.]

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 6 Sep 1997 02:14:27 -0700

Oops, I guess I really have been up for 22 hours and I really should go
to bed instead of trying to type.

I just flew back in from Redmond and I think I'm finally out of Beta
Hell... CDs get cut tomorrow.

BTW look for my really exciting article about clustering in NT systems
magazine. TOC on Text on, but it
doesn't look nearly as pretty as it does in the magazine -- sidebars and
everything. (I've published papers before of course, but this is my
first magazine article. Well, I've had a few short stories appear in the
Atlantic, and a couple articles in Scientific American, but those don't
really count -- I just dashed them off without putting too much effort
into them.)

- Joe

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