DCSB: Boston D-H expiration Party at Doyles on Saturday.

Robert Hettinga (rah@shipwright.com)
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 18:03:29 -0400


In utter anthesis of the way we normally do things at DCSB,

The Digital Commerce Society of Boston

An Utterly Unplanned
Spur of the Moment
Boston Pub-Crawling

Celebration of the Expiration
of the
Diffie-Hellman Public Key Patent

Saturday, September 6, 1997
3pm - Whenever we give up

at The William Braddock Cafe,
A.K.A Doyles's

3484 Washington Street,
Boston (Jamaica Plain)

This all started out several months ago in my head as a spiffy whoop-de-do
black-tie webcasted countdown with sponsors and free champaigne and a
groaning buffet and penguin waiters and a cash bar at the Harvard Club with
a donation to a worthy cause, but, well, we couldn't get a time on the
patent, so the countdown was out, and we couldn't get sponsors (remembering
the last cocktail party, maybe there's a reason?), so the free bubbly and
munchies was out, PETA got us on the way we wanted to make the penguins
groan, and we couldn't think of a worthy enough cause, so that was out,
and, finally, the Club is closed on Saturday, anyway. Feh. So, we're
losers, okay? What can we say? Shoot us, already...

Meanwhile, we're sitting here watching the Bay Area, and Austin, do
something, and then Declan and the Washingtoonians do something, but the
*final* straw came when Peter Wayner calls up and says:

"WELL???? Are you guys in Boston going to DO something? I'm gonna file a
story in the Times tomorrow that SAYS you are..."

And so, bowing to the pressure of the media culture in memory of recent
events on the continent <ewwwww>, (and my own cravings for porkchops and
Pickwick Ale, <ewwwww>) I, Robert Hettinga, by the power vested in me by
the August (or maybe it was July) membership of the Society as Their
Moderator, do hereby unilaterally declare an Official Social Function of
the Digital Commerce Society of Boston to occur at Doyle's, 3484 Washington
Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston, tomorrow, Septmber 6, 1997, at 3PM Eastern
Standard Time, my God have mercy on our souls.

Bring your own money. :-). Be prepared to buy the moderator a drink.

If Doyle's gets boring, we'll crawl elsewhere, but only after an hour has
elapsed. If Doyle's isn't boring, we'll drink ourselves under the table, or
at least face-down on it, or until we're shown the door, or maybe until our
wives come and take us home, or something.

And, so, to paraphrase that great statesman, one David 'Davey' Crockett:
"Y'all can go to Hell. [or, Washington, or the Valley, or Texas, as the
case may be...] *I'm* going to Doyle's."

See you there.

Bob Hettinga
The Digital Commerce Society of Boston

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