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Sun, 7 Sep 1997 13:41:45 -0700

Tracking laser new threat to paparazzi

PARIS - Decried the world over after Princess Diana's death for hounding
paparazzi photographers are soon to face a new foe -- a laser beam aimed
at pinpointing
their whereabouts.

A spokesman for the CILAS laser-producing firm, an offshoot of the French
Aerospatiale industrial giant, told reporters the company was about to
introduce an
instrument that could detect all optical lenses at distances of up to 2.5

The "Sight Laser Detector 400" was in reality designed for the military
and its prime aim
was to pinpoint the location of snipers, the firm said.

But it would be available for civilians such as personalities who felt
their movements
were being tracked by photographers, the spokesman added.

No price was given but the scanner can hardly go unnoticed. It weighs 15.4


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