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Note also the very nice URL-within-a-URL: (How to Deconstruct
Almost Anything).

"The subject that I kept hearing about over and over again at the
conference was deconstruction. I figured I'd start there. I asked my
friend Michael Benedikt for a pointer to some sources. I had gotten to
know Michael when he organized the First International Conference on
Cyberspace. I knew him to be a person with a foot in the lit crit camp
but also a person of clear intellectual integrity who was not a fool. He
suggested a book called On Deconstruction by Jonathan Culler. I got the
book and read it. It was a stretch, but I found I could work my way
through it, although I did end up with the most heavily marked up book
in my library by the time I was done. The Culler book lead me to some
other things, which I also read. And I started subscribing to
alt.postmodern and now actually find it interesting, much of the time. I
can't claim to be an expert, but I feel I've reached the level of a
competent amateur. I think I can explain it. It turns out that there's
nothing to be afraid of."

- Joe

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