Re: Departure

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 9:14:54 -0500

> Coming back home, in the last twenty four hours, I've eaten a ...
> And I didn't even realize it. ... I eat because
> things seem tasty, because I *might* be missing out on something life
> offers ... in small part, it's boredom ...

> What's missing is enjoyment -- absolutely. By reading _Maus_, I'm denied the
> enjoyment of doing *something else*. 'spoiling' the experience by vicarious
> reviewing gives me the freedom to pursue something else.
> So I'll make a two-faced rationalization that I use reviews precisely
> to substitue for experience and experience what for which no review
> can substitute :-)

Too bad we can't enjoy food vicariously. Of course, if we could, it would
probably turn out badly in the end. "I usually just eat up X's incompressible
reviews of Eggs Benedict, but today, I got so bored I just read 8 forgettable
reviews of Egg McMuffins." ;-)

Also too bad we can't seem to store and readily recall what it felt like to be
uncomfortably hot and sweaty, when freezing in the winter. Not that that will
be much of a concern in Irvine.

> Anyway, I came in to say that I'm not sure what I've just stepped across.
> The boundaries are so smeared, so vague between chapters, places, people,
> jobs. ... In the FoRK universe, there's no passage left to celebrate...

> *** Russians advocate Armageddon evacuation to Siberia

And yet mockery appears to defy limitation.


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