Reichstag Fire and the October Raids (fwd)

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Wed, 10 Sep 1997 19:29:30 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:40:23 -0700
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Subject: Reichstag Fire and the October Raids
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So, the House is moving toward drastically tightening non-escrowed crypto
use, via the export laws and the invocation of "national security
considerations." And the Senate is moving toward a complete ban on
non-escrowed crypto. The civil rights groups are now cut completely out of
the picture. The only issue now is whether the full ban on crypto makes it
into the compromise deal. (I'm bettting it won't, as this would be too bold
even for Congress. On First and Fourth Amendment grounds, if nothing else.)

But Something Big is coming down. Even if domestic strong crypto is not
fully banned, expect a series of moves to make it very unpalatable for most
upstanding citizen units to use. And corporations will be "disincentivized"
to use crypto, except that approved by Washington.

(I wonder what will happen to PGP, Inc. and RSADSI? And to MS and NS?
Probably, cynics will suggest, they are already ramping up their "trusted
third party" and "key recovery" efforts. If so, I hope Phil Z. adheres to
the promise he made publically at a Cypherpunks meeting, and quits PGP,

At 11:54 AM -0700 9/10/97, Anonymous wrote:

> Any bets that the double-secret guys nab a suitcase-nuke carrying
>dark-skinned person a few days before they need to win a crucial vote
>in the war against the citizens?

Yep, they need a Reichstag fire. To nudge any recalcitrant Congresscritters.

I'm not (yet) paranoid enough to think the spooks would pull off another
OKC or World Trade Center bombing. But arranging some convenient arrests
would be par for the course.

The Congress hopes to conclude business before the end of November, I've
heard. The full Senate and House will likely vote on the final version of
the "Children's Safety Act," the one which will throttle crypto exports
still further, will criminalize crypto use to the point that few
corporations will dare use it (this is the real strategy), and will move
toward a complete ban on domestic unescrowed crypto.

They'll need some dire threat or significant event to get the vote they want.

I'm thinking it may involve us. The 5-6 months they've had to "debrief"
Bell, to convince him that squealing on anarchists and information
terrorists, and money laundering advovactes, and felons, could mean a
series of indictments will come in October/November.

Whether their charges will "stick" or not is not really the point, is it?
The trial, if one is ever held, will take place many months or even years
after the charges are filed.

Personally, I say everyone who has been active in discussing how to
destabilize and overthrow the fascist governments in Washington, Paris,
Bonn, London, and so on should prepare. In the U.S., prepare for a series
of pre-dawn raids. In the European People's Republics, I'm not sure what
defensive measures are even possible.

Perhaps I'm being overly paranoid. But even paranoid Cypherpunks have
enemies...and I call them Freeh, McCain, Kerrey (and Kerry), Denning,
Clinton, Dellums, Kyl, Swinestein, and all the rest of the war criminals.

We're at war.

--Tim May

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