Ack! Our second week in the Amazon.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:33:18 -0700 (PDT)

We had a great first week in Amazon, clearing nearly 18 bucks
(mostly thanks to Joe, I might add).

Second week sucked. We cleared nothing. Less than nothing since
I had to waste time reading this report. And I pass that time
wastage onto you, the home reader.

Why would anyone click on "A Brief History of Time" five times
and then not order it??? Order it, darnit.

So, order more books, darnit, and remember to use the ever-popular


after each book you order to make that order count. Details on
how to do this are in the fork-books page:

Order more bits! Order more bits! We now return you to your regularly
scheduled mailing list, already in progress...

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Subject: Associates - weekly activity report
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 12:28:50 -0700 (PDT)

Weekly sales report: 31-Aug-97 through 06-Sep-97

Last Week's Sales Results
Note: This report includes a column labeled "ORDERED", which is
the weekly number of copies for which orders have been placed through
your special links. Only after these orders are paid for and shipped
will they actually count toward your referral fee. Some of these orders
may later be cancelled, customers' credit cards may be declined and
occasional returns should be expected; in any of these cases, the
referral fee will not be earned.

The column labeled "HITS" represents the number of times one of your
visitors clicked on a book (this column can help you gauge your
visitors' interest in the books you are selling).

The column labeled "REFERRAL FEE" represents the referral fees your site
has earned on orders. Please remember that we pay you based on orders
*shipped*, so your actual Referral Fee may be somewhat lower than the
fee stated here.

Look for special notices in the titles listed below. They can help
you understand which referral fee rate applied to the order or
identify certain problems with the link format you may be using.

**1** indicates that this item is currently being featured at a discount
of over 30%.

**2** indicates that this item is special order or carries no discount

Other notes may indicate problems with a link format or items no longer
carried in our catalog.

Quarter-to-date Books Ordered: 7
Quarter-to-date Qualified Book Revenue: 265.61
Quarter-to-date Referral Fees: 17.36

Click-throughs and sales by individual book
For the week of 31-Aug-97 through 06-Sep-97
Store ID forkrecommendedr

------------ ---- ------- ------ ---------------------------------------
0471121045 1 0 0.00 Against the Gods : The Remarkable Story
055305340X 5 0 0.00 A Brief History of Time : From the Big
0679420258 1 0 0.00 If on a Winter's Night a Traveler (Ever
------------ ---- ------- ------ ---------------------------------------
Totals: 7 0 0.00

--------------------- ---------- -------
Number of Visitors on 31-Aug-97 0
Number of Visitors on 01-Sep-97 0
Number of Visitors on 02-Sep-97 1
Number of Visitors on 03-Sep-97 0
Number of Visitors on 04-Sep-97 2
Number of Visitors on 05-Sep-97 1
Number of Visitors on 06-Sep-97 1
--------------------- ---------- -------
Total Visitors this week 5

NOTE: A "Visitor" is a person who clicks on book links from your site,
and is counted as 1 visitor (above) regardless of the number of
different titles they click on. We keep track of this by watching
their shopping basket ID, which remains the same for every book they
click on.

A "Hit" is any person clicking on a book link, and each click is
counted as 1 hit. If the same visitor clicks on 5 different titles,
we record 1 visitor and 5 hits. Therefore, you should expect the
number of visitors to be lower than the total number of hits.

Thanks again for your participation in the Associates
program. Have a great week!


Shawn Haynes Books Associates Program


I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day.
Tomorrow isn't looking good either.