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Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:31:00 -0700

Dan Kohn around 9:25 AM -0700 on 9/12/97, made things perfectly clear with

> This week, I stopped seeing a woman I was very into. So, to
> commiserate, I went to see "In the Company of Men" last night.

what? no drunken night with Uncle Jack? Dan seriously, this is standard
practice, I'm surprised at you. ;-)

> Feeling bitter and spiteful? Want to? See this movie.
> This is a *dark* movie. One female studio executive said this film
> should never have been made, because it has no redeeming qualities

yeah, "F" her...

> But for me, it acted as a cathartic release of a lot of angry feelings I
> had built up. Last week, FoRK talked about how stimulants like Ritalin
> can calm down hyper-active kids when taken in small does.

yeah, and a lot of addition to speed (coke, meth etc.) is based on the same

> I actually walked out of the movie with a smile. That, I suspect, means
> I am a very bad person.

Well I went to a shop owned by a Witch. They have a stage smoker for
effect, Disney artists have painted the inside to look like a mid evil
castle, large pentigram on the floor with a red spot light on it for

I got absolutely giddy...



Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.
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