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>Anyone know what N.A.T.A.S. is?
Well... It's the name of a Rap group that's been blammed for at least one
teen suicide. However, I think the REAL NATAS is explained below....
National Anti-Tesh Action Society.
I'll let you know when I figure out how to join.

Earth to Tesh, Earth to Tesh: Are you an alien?
( Gannett News Service )
Recently departed ``Entertainment Tonight'' host John Tesh didn't just
work at ``E.T.'' According to a Ferndale, Mich., group, he is E.T.

``John Tesh is an alien. He's an advance guard of the alien army,' ' says
Kenny Five, one of the leaders of the National Anti-Tesh Action Society.
NATAS works in cooperation with a company called Mag Stunt Team Five that
produces videos and films and conducts UFO research.

Over the weekend, NATAS handed out 2,000 flyers that screamed ``John Tesh
is an Alien'' and described Tesh as an ``interplanetary mole' ' for an
alien delegation called Echelon. The group also staged a rally outside
Detroit's Fox Theatre, where Tesh performed last weekend. Tesh, who is
married to actress Connie Sellecca, gave up his ``Entertainment Tonight''
stint to spend more time on his concert career.

``We have videos and photos that show John present at UFO sightings, '' the
thirtysomething Kenny Five says seriously. He says he can't release such
evidence yet, however. ``We're just trying to publicize this information.''

Tesh's New York City publicist, Shawne Berlin, says Tesh thinks the whole
incident is funny.

``I was a little shocked at first -- I mean, I came into work Monday
morning and found out that my client is an alien,'' Berlin says. ``But John
had a good laugh over it.''

Tesh even visited the protesters outside the theater after his Saturday

``He admitted he was an alien, and asked us how we found out,'' Five
reports. ``But I think he hypnotized us. And I don't think it was really
him; it was a clone.

``He is a bad alien,'' Five continues. ``Through his music and his
television show (``E.T.'') he is filtering the thoughts of unsuspecting
viewers through alien mind screens and transmitting deadly thought- probe
radiation beams to the world.''

Despite the suspiciously named ``Stunt Team,'' partner Scott Five denies
the rally was a publicity stunt: ``Sometimes we do get press from these
events,'' he says, ``but it's not always good press.''