Re: Reichstag Fire and the October Raids (fwd)

spunkanado (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:43:20 -0400 (EDT)

I have to agree with a lot of what Ron is saying. In the last few years we
have been hit by a seemingly constant barage of legislation whose outcome
would hamper Expression, wether it be in what we say, the mediums we use
to say it in or who can hear what we have to say.

The sad part is, this has been much the way of life for a long long time.
Go back to the 50's with the MacCarthy era judgements, or the less secular
eras of our history where in our experssion fell under the aegis of
someone named G?D.

The "expression revoltion", still in its early stages of development, is
not something that can be called an ends, it is not a done deal that is
every persons right. In fact there are no such rights as freedom of
speach, if you want that you have to work at having something to say and
the means to be able to say it. that our government has grown to make this
easier should not cloud us to the fact that it is still something that
needs to be worked at, worked on and perfected. It is not handed to you at
birth or with your citizenship papers.

Much of the banter I see, on both sides, is more of the same rehotric
thats been flung across the well defined isle of Good Vs Evil since
timelongsinceforget. The young and the passionate hurl phrases like
"INformation is Free" "Dont Tread on ME" "This IS for the people of the
sun". THe other side goes on about protecting the masses from the forces
of corruption, protecting the children and in short making the world a
better place for you and me.

Its like a script, and each side dresses the part with the same boring
predictability of thier words. The right music is played at the right time
as the right person does the proper stage dive or flag salute and the
crowd cheers..properly. So that each of these drones , in t shirt and
denim or white shiirt and tie, feel the happy warm glow of belonging on
the Right side.


Meanwhile, there are a horde of folks out and about working on making
there little stretch of beinghood the way they want, often joining with a
few like souls and in so perhaps making it so that the rest of the planet
will be able to catch on who good it is to be like this.

So a few of us use PGP in our commincations, and hopefully we get more to
do the same. Some of us wont spend our money in certian places in hopes
that a message of economic consequences will be heard. Others slip in what
they can where they can as they spin through there jobs in various
positions of infulence. We talk , we learn and we make our way thru life
with a hope of leaving things a tad bettter than we found them.

These folk take flak from all sides, sweat out the implications of doing
things at once illegal and then again not, work out for themselves an ever
changing list of moralities that will somehow reflect thier truer beings
and in short find no easy slogans or quick million reason marches to solve
thier quandries.

Da do do do da da da all i have to say to you.