Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 18:18:15 -0700

So Adam, does the first commission check have to arrive from Amazon.com
before we can accuse you of embezzlement or can we start now?

After all, Joe Barrera appears to be responsible for FoRK's first 18 big
ones (um, I think that would be $18,000, so I guess I meant 18 small
ones). What are we going to do with the surfeit of profits?

One option, other than buying booze, is forming an E*TRADE investment
club, so that we can lose all of our hard earned commissions in
poorly-timed stock speculation. Clubs are mentioned at
<http://www.etrade.com/advantage/prodfet.html>, but there's not a lot of
info. You can request an Investment Club kit to be sent from
<http://wsql1.etrade.com/html/open_acct/request.hts>. (Yes, I already
have. No, I won't type in what they send me.)

Other suggestions, perhaps more consumption oriented? After all, it's
not everyday you have someone else's money to blow....

- dan

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