No God huh? (was: Voice of the Bible)

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This showed up 5 minutes after Dan's last e-mail.

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-> Subject: Voice of the Bible
-> FIRST TIME EVER...The entire Bible both audio and text on one CD ROM.
-> Alexander Scourby Bible Products introduces...the just completed
-> Bible on One CD ROM. We took 62 CD Audio Discs of the Old
-> and New Testaments,King James Version, narrated by Alexander
-> Scourby, and compressed them to fit on one CD ROM. But
-> there's more...We also included full text synchronized to the
-> audio narration, an electronic book mark, a full search engine,
-> and a 13,000 word Greek and Hebrew Lexicon. There are many
-> other user friendly features as well. All of this for only $79.95US
-> (See multi-media section in our web page)
-> PERFECT GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASION: We also have the Bible,
-> available on Cassettes, CD Audio Discs and Video. All
-> products are narrated by Alexander Scourby, "The Voice of the
-> Bible". Hear a sample of his reading of the 23rd Psalm at our
-> web site. Free Gift offer too that will give you a new appreciation
-> for the Bible. CLICK HERE to go
-> directly to our web site for full pricing and details on how to
-> order.

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