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CobraBoy! (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 17:35:38 -0700

Dan Kohn around 5:03 PM -0700 on 9/14/97, made things perfectly clear with

> Actually, I'm more up on AOL than I ever have been. Here is a simple
> question. You have a friend, non-technical, who just got a new
> computer. They want to browse the web, use e-mail, maybe chat, but
> don't know what's out there and what's good. What do your recommend for
> them if you don't want to spend all of your time setting up their
> bookmarks and teaching them to download an IRC client? AOL is a great
> provider to send them to (MSN will be soon, once they fix their e-mail
> mess with MSN 2.5).

Well it seems we think a lot alike. But I'll give you a few more examples.
What about traveling? AOL is fast becoming a worldwide network, and until
the teledesic network comes online or whatever it's pretty simple to
forward your mail to your AOL account to retrieve it on the road. AOL is
moving away from it's Apple derived origins of proprietary service to
embrace more and more standard protocols.

So along with CobraBoy's prediction of Moto being out of the PPC business
by 2K I'll make this one. AOL will, based on it's continued growth, absorb
or merge with a Telco (MCI, GTE, USWest, AT&T etc) by 2K. The telco will
sense the need for an expanding user base, and AOL will get the data lines
and bandwidth/customers.



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