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Jay Thomas (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 09:31:55 -0400

Ron Resnick wrote:
> >Since we're on the subject of our friendly neighbors to the north, I
> >was banned from Canada this weekend. Unique experience, really, being
> >banned from a foreign country, suddenly and without warning.
> >Especially when my mothers entire family is French Canadian. I guess
> >this means no more road trips for weddings and funerals.
> >
> >My wife and I were on a bus trip from Burlington VT to the Chambly
> >Fest du Bier in Quebec with about 35 other people.
> See, that's the problem! You weren't actually trying to enter Canada,
> but rather that whole other national phenomenon known as Quebec ;-).
> Just kidding of course. For now. Next time try crossing the border
> from Buffalo....

Believe me, I know. I realize, in retrospect, that there is a lot of
tension , especially lately, between the Qebecois and anglophones. I
also realize that there is some tension between Canada as a whole and
the US.

> Seriously though, try not to judge the whole by the actions of the few. I
> won't
> try to respond to the particulars of your story Jay, since I suspect that
> you're a speaking from passion, and a subjective viewpoint. It would be
> interesting to know the other side of the story.

I don't judge the whole by the few (at least not now). As you stated,
I was pissed. I was angry and lashing out, more at the Canadian govt,
than the citizens. Half my family are French Canuck (which means half
of me is as well), and they are some of the coolest people I know (and
a load of fun at parties). I just found it totally frustrating to be
judged unfairly, and have no recourse. I mean, if I had committed a
crime in Canada 10 years ago, and they didn't want me back in, I
would've understood.

> Look at our perspective:
> 1. She had a valid visa for 5 years which she used numerous times, and
> never once abused her visitor's right by illegally remaining in the US.

Exactly -- this is how I felt! And I can certainly understand your
wifes feelings toward our govt's less than intelligent ways. You guys
had a rougher time of it than I did. I'm sorry.

> Not surprisingly, Riva has a very similar attitude to the US that you, Jay,
> now have to Canada. Basically- you can take your stinking country and
> shove it! I try to reason with her, as I do now with you, to separate your
> feelings for heartless bureaucrats who get off on lording it over you and me,
> and the institutions those bureaucrats would claim to represent. Maria the
> Miami airport security officer is no more you, Jay, than the Quebec border
> officer is me. These people seem to have a deep inferiority complex
> or something, and take great pleasure from feeling all-powerful over others.
> Ron

Yep. My folks took my wife and I to dinner for our anniversary this
Saturday, and despite the fact that I really wanted it, I refused to
order the Quebec Fois Gras. I realize its entirely irrational, but I
*will not* send any of my money north if I can help it.

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