Re: Comdex Space for rent.

Kristin Buxton (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 22:55:07 -0700

(oops, accidently quit too soon there)

On Mon, Sep 15, 1997 at 08:04:42PM -0700, Joe Barrera wrote:
> Do you really think spell-checkers encourage bad spelling? I suppose it
> depends on the person. I used to have terrible spelling before I started
> using spell checkers, but the annoyance of okaying the change from,
> e.g., occurrance to occurrence for the zillionth time finally trained me
> into learning how to spell.
And yes, I really do think spell-checkers encourage bad spelling. I proofread
a resume for a friend in college who couldn't spell for the life of him.
("expirince" i think was i think how he spelled "experience", etc). He
honestly wasn't concerned about it in the slightest. He used a spell-checker
to clean up the pieces after he was done. Intelligent guy, too.

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