Re: The Nature of Belief

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Tue, 16 Sep 1997 9:21:50 -0500

Updates/corrections on the books I cited earlier. I was using the ISBN
numbers from the copies I own, which weren't the best (and I didn't
feel like struggling with Lynx to check on them at 1:00 AM).

The hardcopy of Leon's book is out of print now. So, I guess my signed
edition ("To the 'Doofus Manager' -- The perfect background for this
text.") is a collector's item. You may be able to find the hardback at
Borders or Crown, and you can drop by Wilson Hall and get Leon's
signature. He's a most accommodating Nobel laureate. In any case, the
paperback edition is:

The God Particle : If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

And Lewis's book is now published by Walker, not Macmillan, at least in
the U.S. Of course, the publishing houses have been going through
their own version of thrashing for a decade or two. So, the book is:

Mere Christianity

I couldn't find Desiderius Erasmus's The Godly Feast. I read it way, way
back in college, in a collection whose title I can't recall.


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