Apple is Saved!

Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:32:24 -0700 (PDT)

Well, maybe I should just say that Rhapsody is saved. One could
argue the two are isomorphic in the long run...

There are two lines of argument I could use to support the above statement.
The most obvious is that Apple (in the person of Jim Gable) called to
offer me a job. No, not CEO (darn). Rhapsody marketing, more or less
what I was doing over the summer.

For those of you skeptics who are so cynical as to believe that one small
act is not a sure sign of Apple's foreordained rise to greatness, there is
actually some good news behind that announcement. It can now be told
that, in fact, many aspects of Rhapsody were under siege over the last
few weeks. Patrick's "Rumour Control" article (on listd
a number of chilling rumours, and I can tell you that at least some of
them were being seriously considered. In fact that was why Apple was
hodling off on offering me a job.

But, the storm has passed, and Rhapsody is back on track, full-speed ahead.
We have had to scale back our volume estimates a bit to make them more
realistic, but everything - yellow box, SMP, UNIX, Rhapsody for Intel - is
all moving forward. And I will be a part of it.

I'll starting on the 29th, which should be right after Dev. Release ships
(yeah, Tim and Scott, I'll try to snag you a copy if you haven't got
one by then).

See you in the news,

-- Ernie P.