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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 16:46:41 -0700

So if it's NeXTStep on the top and Mach 3.0 on the bottom, then what
does UNIX bring to the party (besides a host of venereal diseases and
maybe some bad heroin)?

- Joe

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At 3:02 PM -0700 9/16/97, Joe Barrera wrote:

* > realistic, but everything - yellow box, SMP, UNIX, Rhapsody
for Intel
* - is
* > all moving forward.
* So wait, you're telling me that UNIX is going to *save*
* And what flavor of UNIX are we talking about? Solaris, SCO,
or yet
* another mutation?
* Seriously, I'm curious how UNIX will help Apple. Is Apple
going to
* compete with Sun?

you know Joe, I like you and all that, but sometimes you really
piss me off.

No Rhapsody is going to ship with Mach 3.0 which when coupled
with the
NeXTStep interface will show what a pathetic piece of crap Win
NT 5 is.