Ernie's Going Away Party: Friday, Sept 26th

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@pundit)
Thu, 18 Sep 97 19:44:19 -0700

Hi gang,

Rohit insisted that I FoRK this. I obviously wanted to invite Jim
and Tim, if they're willing to make the trek, but Rohit also wants to
have the bits archived (presumably in case he needs directions to my

Rohit will be making a special guest appearence, commemerating his
presence at the initial viewing of the condo before I purchased it,
when my brother mistook him for a real estate agent.

Scary, that.

Anyway, it appears Casa de Ernie (Condo de Ernie?) will soon be no
more. I am entertaining potential renters this evening. I am
actually thinking of making it a "House cooling" party, for symmetry's
sake. I can give all my guests the useless things from my house I
don't want to have to take with me....

Life goes on.

-- Ernie P.

P.S. For those who are keeping score, this is two weeks to the day
after I got dumped by Woman Recently Returned from Russia. I cashed
her check for the use of my phone card, and I feel free and happy and
looking forward to a fresh start in Apple Valley.

Begin forwarded message:

Hello everyone,

Well, after a year of uncertainty, I have finally reached a decision.
On Saturday, September 27th, I will be leaving Los Angeles for San
Jose, where I will be working for Apple Computer as part of Product
Marketing for their new operating system. I spent a couple of months
this past summer working for them, and was interested in doing it
full-time, but we weren't able to reach an agreement until now.

I will be here a couple more weeks finishing things up with my
current employer. This Sunday, the 21st, will be my last day at Lake
Ave. Church. I will be throwing a Going Away party for myself the
following Friday, a week-and-a-half from today. You are all invited,
and feel free to invite anyone else who didn't get this email.

The party will be:

Friday, September 26th
7 PM until around midnight or so
1115 E. Cordova #114
(626) 568-9168

Directions are below. I will provide light refreshments and games,
and we do have a pool (though it might be chilly). Feel free to
bring CDs or munchies, but don't feel obligated.

I will be living in transitional housing for next couple of months,
so you can just call or mail me here and it will be forwarded. I
haven't decided whether I will sell my condo; I may rent it out if I
can find someone I know. This email address is permanent, and will
continue to work.

Though I will miss all of you in Los Angeles, I do feel God is
opening up a new chapter in my life, and I look forward to seeing what
He will do. I already have a church home and some friends in San
Jose, so I'm off to a good start.

God bless you all, and thanks for everything.

Love always,

Ernie Prabhakar
Dr. Ernest Prabhakar
1115 E. Cordova St. #114
Pasadena CA 91106-3038
H: (818) 568-9168,

Northeast corner of Cordova & Wilson
Two (2) blocks South of Colorado Blvd
Three (3) blocks East of Lake Ave.
South of the 210 Freeway (Between Lake Ave. and Hill Ave. exits)
East of the 110 Freeway, 4 lights north after it ends on Arroyo.
Dial 52 to enter.