Re: Karma is eay to find.

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 23:34:58 -0500

> What, nothing with "Rifkin" in it?

Yeah, well it was getting late and I hadta run. Anyway, you asked:

Adam Rifkin -- Easy sot
Adam Rifkin eats soy.
Adam Rifkin says, "T.O.E."
AFAIK, Samsonite dry.
Akron satisfied Amy.
Animated sofa risky
Animists fared okay.
Asian daytime FoRKs
Dairyman is fake sot.
Daisy animates FoRK.
Dinky Master Of Asia
Eat skin from a daisy.
Essay to Adam Rifkin
Foreskins: Data, may I?
Fake is, is, ... mandatory!
Faraday emits oinks.
Faraday isn't Eskimo.
Fisk marinates Yoda.
Foamy artesian kids
FoRK: Main idea stays.
Forsakes MIT in a day
FYI: "Kinda", "Sorta" same
I am afraid not, Sykes.
I am a sad knife story.
I dream of yak stains.
I.e. stands for "Yakima".
India makes Roy fast.
Indira, fat as Smokey
Kay in foam disaster!
Kiss my fedora, Anita!
Maidens ask ya for it!
Make it so, dairy fans.
Mao sits, fairy-naked.
Martinis soaked Fay.
Matisse in a day FoRK
Mayors infest Kadai.
Mindy's aorta is fake.
Modify Arkansas tie.
Oasis fakery, damn it!
Okay amid fartiness?
OK dynamite safaris.
Okra satisfied many.
Randy is fake Maoist.
Rifkin assayed atom.
Rifkin, same as today.
Roads infest Yakima.
Saki -- Made for sanity
Samoa: Rifkin stayed.
Semi-dorky Fantasia
Simon said, "After yak!"
Simon said, "Fray Kate!"
Yakima roasts fiend.
Yak satisfied Roman.
Yaks dominate fairs.
Yaks infest diorama.
Yaks mortified NASA.
Yank mediators? As if!