Coffee's cold Pt.2

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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 09:59:23 -0700

one just has to wonder...

> Sun's McNealey Puts Warning Out To Microsoft
> In an interview with CNBC's technology correspondent Bruce
> Francis, Sun Microsystems' chairman and chief executive Scott
> McNealey warned Microsoft that his company could yank their Java
> license if it fails to comply with the terms of their 1996 license
> agreement. The bulk of this ongoing scrutiny is apparently
> surrounding Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 and its Java
> implementation, which a Sun spokesperson told Reuters would be
> the subject of a "look" once the software is released next week.

and also this...

> Scriptlets To Debut In Microsoft's IE 4.0
> Microsoft, in an un-Microsoft way, quietly announced a new Web
> authoring initiative earlier this month. Termed "Scriptlets", the new
> technology will grant Web authors the ability to create reusable Web
> objects with Dynamic HTML. In Microsoft's words, "A scriptlet is a
> Web page, authored with HTML and script, that content providers
> can use as a component in their Web applications. Scriptlets bring
> the benefits of object-based technology to HTML and script,
> offering content providers the convenience of reuse and
> encapsulation." Support for scriptlets will be incorporated into the
> final versions of Internet Explorer 4.0 across all of Microsoft's
> supported platforms.

and covering all bases...

> Rockwell Introduces Processor Designed To Run Java
> Rockwell Avionics & Communications's new JEM1 processor is the
> first in their family of low-cost, low-powered embedded
> microprocessors designed explicitly to run Java code. The
> microprocessor was developed by Avionics & Communication's
> Advanced Technology Center division, who is now exploring its use
> in avionics applications. JEM1 will also likely become an attractive
> heart for companies working on Java-oriented Network Computers

IBM gets a small clue???

> IBM On Its Way To The PDA Arena With "WorkPad"
> IBM is planning to enter the personal digital assistant market with a
> relabeled version of 3Com's PalmPilot, the Wall Street Journal
> reported yesterday morning. 3Com will handle the manufacturing
> duties of what will be called the "WorkPad", and will replace the
> standard gray exterior of the PalmPilot with a jet black look similar
> to that of IBM's Aptiva line. The WorkPad will sell for $399,
> although the WSJ failed to give a release date for the device.

and finally those Apple folks stick together...

> Former Apple Exec Named To Be Board
> Be, Inc. announced last night that it has named former Apple
> executive, Heidi Roizen, to its board of directors. Roizen's expertise
> in the software industry will undoubtedly be a coup for fledgling Be,
> who this past July unveiled the first public version of the highly
> vaunted BeOS. "I, and the rest of the Be team, are delighted to
> welcome Heidi to our Board," said Jean-Louis Gassee, president
> and CEO of Be. "Her broad software industry background will help
> us chart our future course and her excellent standing with the ISV
> community will help us foster and build a growing number of
> relationships with BeOS developers."
> "I fundamentally believe that the computer industry is about to
> experience rapid proliferation into whole new categories of usage,"
> said Roizen. "Be is pioneering the concept that 'one platform fits all'
> is not necessarily the most effective strategy for new classes of
> applications. I think that Be is well positioned to be the OS provider
> of choice for some of these categories, and I'm looking forward to
> helping them identify, define, and deliver compelling solutions to
> these markets in concert with a vibrant, entrepreneurial developer
> community."
> Roizen, who is often credited as one of the most influential females
> in the computing industry, was last seen in the dubious role as
> Apple's Vice President of World Wide Developer Relations were she
> was responsible for revitalizing Apple's developer relations. Before
> that she spent time as chief executive of T/Maker Company, a
> successful software company known for their word processing,
> desktop publishing, and multimedia titles.



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