Re: TBTF for 9/22/97: Allez Java

CobraBoy! (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 11:01:11 -0700

Keith Dawson around 8:24 PM -0700 on 9/23/97, made things perfectly clear
with this:
> ..Northern Light
> For the first time since the launch of HotBot, a new player in the
> search-engine game bids to index the entire Web. Northern Light [14],
> a startup in Cambridge, MA, introduces a new technique -- folders
> generated on the fly -- to organize and present search results. The
> company offers searches of off-Web content such as journals, maga-
> zines, how-to guides, and reference works. Searching the "Special
> Collections" is free for now but the company soon start charging;
> Web searches will remain free. Wired gives a good summary [15] of
> Northern Light's story.

You mean someone actually listened to one of Rohit's idea's?



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