Escape from LA

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (ernest@pundit)
Sat, 27 Sep 97 17:06:47 -0700

Well, the party last night was a blast. Tim, Fawn, Rohit, and Adam
were all there, and we sand 'The Day that NeXTSTEP died.' I'm off to
save Apple. Cheers!

-- Ernie P.

Begin forwarded message:

Ernie's Departure FAQ

1. Why are you leaving?
To go work for Apple Computer as part of Product Marketing for
Rhapsody, their next-generation software system. Rhapsody is based on
NeXTSTEP, a technology I worked a lot with during graduate school, so
this is almost a childhood dream. I will be working with engineers
and customers to help define and position the product.

2. Where will you be?
Apple is in Cupertino, near San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
It is one hour south of San Francisco, and about five hours north of
Los Angeles. I will be in temporary housing for a month, and
hopefully be settled into a new apartment by the end of the year.

3. What will you do with your condo?
The resale market is still picking up, so I am planning on holding on
to it for a few years. I am looking for a renter. The place costs
roughly $1,000 to $1,100 per month, and air conditioning is included.
You interested?

4. How can I get ahold of you?
My Caltech email is permanent (, and my
regular mail will forward for the next several months. I will also
keep my voicemail here, (626) 568-9168, for a month or two. My
temporary home phone for October is (408) 370-7832. My work address
3 Infinite Loop, MS: 303-3GS; Cupertino CA 95014
Admin: (408) 974-6525, Fax: (408) 974-9456

5. Will you stay in touch?
I'll send out email updates to anyone who's interested. If you're at
the party, you can add yourself to my mailing list to get my
world-famous Christmas card/letter.

6. Do you know anyone there?
There are several friends from my undergraduate school there, plus a
close friend from LA (Dave Huffman) about an hour north. I was also
up there this past summer, so I have some friends at a local church,
Calvary Baptist in Los Gatos, where I will most likely end up.

7. Are you coming back?
Well, I'll probably be back every month for a while, and several
times a year thereafter. Especially if they want me to speak at the
Warehouse service at our church.

8. No, I mean for real
I don't know. I'll still own a condo here, so I'll have ties. I'll
definitely be at Apple for at least two years, but I really don't
know what I'll want to do after that: stay there, start a company,
come back and work for BCG, become a traveling philosopher. God only