RE: The FoRK 500 is DONE!

Joe Barrera (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 02:37:14 -0700

Ants? No problem. When Juliet and I lived in Verano Place (a short walk
to the north of Palo Verde), we had to deal with cockroaches. Housing
very cleverly would spray only one unit (of eight) in our building at a
time, so the cockroaches would just move around after each spraying.
Finally we convinced housing to spray all units at once and we were
finally roach-free. But by then we had already learned how to keep the
kitchen clean enough to fab wafers.

I vaguely remember 1624 Verano Place as our old address? Who knows, that
was a LONG time ago (1986/87). I can barely remember my current street

Stay away from the Irvine Company. If for some reason you decide to live
off-campus, live SW towards the ocean in the older areas, not in
wretched monocultural City of Irvine.

Ah, nostalgia. Juliet and I and the kids will have to make a road trip
down there soon...

- Joe

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