Re: Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Rohit Khare ((no email))
Tue, 30 Sep 97 07:07:16 -0400

Kari: I can't say for sure since I haven't seen that episode of Mad About You,
but the obvious reference would be to the tradition of stars imprinting their
hands, feet, and paws in the concrete paving blocks in front of the Chinese
theatre. All the big premieres have a memorial block. it seems, and the collection
is rotated in and out over the years.

Someone else on this list may have more exact advice.

By the way, you have a fascinating job and make intriguing use of the internet.
On the other hand, FoRK is not an official source by anymeans! There should
be an official Mann Chinese (as it is called today) site somewhere.


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Hope you have time to answer this mail from a helpless Norwegian =
subtitler (yes, I translate and write subtitles for Norwegian =
television). At the moment I'm subtitling this sitcom (Mad About You, if =
you heard about it), where a remark about Grauman's Chinese Theatre in =
relation to the dog leaving wet footmarks in the flat supposedly is =
funny. There's also this line about Timmy being in the well or =

Does this make sense to you, 'cause it certainly doesn't to me!
Please help!

Thanks, Kari