On the Ro' again.. Boston this Thu/Fri

Rohit Khare (rkhare@sorbonne.ics.uci.edu)
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 12:13:51 -0700

I'm leaving Wednesday night (tonight) for a quick personal trip to Boston.

I will be attending part of the HTTP-NG meeting at W3C. I will try to
have lunch with Donna Thursday at O'Reilly. I`m also hoping to drop by
MCI on Friday to clean out a few more things from my office. And, oh, yes,
FoRK will be offline this weekend -- pest is being relocated.

Friday night is a big gaping void in Rohit's social life. Any takers?
Also, anyone for dinner tonight at SFO?

And no, this is not egregiously cutting classes my first week at UCI -- it's
only one lecture, singular :-) Rajee, thanks for offering to tape it.


October 1
#34 lv SNA 7:20PM ar BOS 6:23AM
layover in SFO: ar 8:35pm dep 10:00p

Return Saturday October 4th
UX 6356 dep BOS 8:00 AM ar 9:56 AM IAD
UA 65 dep IAD 12:25 PM ar 2:38 LAX
UA 7022 dep LAX 5:20PM ar 5:50PM SNA