Business Plan-- HELP!!1

Lienart \ (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 15:25:33 -0700


Hey you guys,
I'm writing a business plan for a venture that finances patent
infiringement lawsuits and that also buys, as a sidebusiness, newly
filed patents. (See below) I've run some preliminary crude numbers and
the biz is feasible in that sense. Typical clients will be universities,
individual inventors and small companies. Funding would be from either a
syndicate of investors (i.e. limited partnership or mutual fund) or
outright VC funding in the company. However, I am not sure what the
most promising, cutting edge, wild-west type of technology/industry
areas are. Which speciality inventors or type of inventions would be
ripe for such financing. Any ideas?

Very Brief Description:
Lienart L. Sylverin
MG852: Starting Your Own Ventures

My idea for starting my own venture, as presented and voted on by the
class much to my excitement, involves financing patent infringement
litigation (and, where appropriate as a side or secondary function
directly investing in or buying outright newly filed patents for an
investment portfolio of sorts) )on behalf of inventors and small
companies. The funds needed for the venture/ financing would come from a
syndicate of investors, perhaps through limited partnerships, or a
mutual fund, (there have been a few cases of such investor financed
lawsuits in US history) or an outright initial investment in the company
from VC=92s or angels. Additional research will be needed to determine
which method is the most effective. In exchange for financing of
lawsuits or in a few cases just capital, the company will seek part
ownership of the patent (tentatively up to 40% or so depending on the
circumstances) or a share of the potential licensing fees commensurate
with its financial investment. The company may target patents in the
plastic, machine tools/ vision, client-server technology, and
telecommunications market=97but additional research will be needed to
ascertain the company=92s likelihood of success in these markets.