Re: Business Plan (champarty)

Keith Dawson (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 23:07:14 -0400

At 6:25p 10/2/97, Lienart \"Len\" Sylverin wrote:
>Hey you guys,
> I'm writing a business plan for a venture that finances patent
>infiringement lawsuits and that also buys, as a sidebusiness, newly
>filed patents... Funding would be from either a
>syndicate of investors (i.e. limited partnership or mutual fund) or
>outright VC funding in the company.

Er... that was illegal the last time I looked. The following is taken
from the online OED's definition of "champarty."

2. Law. The illegal proceeding, whereby a party not naturally concerned in
a suit engages to help the plaintiff or defendant to prosecute it, on
condition that, if it be brought to a successful issue, he is to receive a
share of the property in dispute.

Here is the URL -- looks like it is ephemeral and it may need a login
with the OED, so YMMV.


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