RE: Transitions in the W3C Communications Team

Josef Dietl (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:46:09 +0200

Dear friend of W3C,

It was a huge surprise when I received the news of Sally's resignation a few
days ago. To me like most of the Team she is more than a colleague, she is a
friend and a mentor, and I may add: a good one. We all know her dedication
to W3C. Even if this makes it no surprise that she is going to re-join W3C
as one of you, this is not self-understood and good news for everybody
interested in W3C. Thank you, Sally, for your contribution to W3C.

Because of her past successes, I am proud to take over from her, and I look
forward to contribute to the plans for the new Communications Team.

Furthermore, I am also looking forward to working with every single one of
you on the future of the Web and of the World Wide Web Consortium. Both the
Web and W3C are what we all make them, and the dedication to face this
challenge is what unites us
- to lead the Web to its Full Potential.

Please do contact me with every question you may want to ask.

Best regards

Josef Dietl

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