Ian On The Move... (AGAIN?)

Ian Andrew Bell (ibell@bctel.ca)
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 13:37:52 -0700


Recently, I tendered notice of my intent to resign from BC TEL
Interactive. It was BCTI's choice to simply pay out the remainder of my
salary and allow me the next three weeks to enjoy Vancouver at its late
summer best rather than finishing my work and allowing for a smooth

I have accepted an offer from Cisco Systems of San Jose, California, to
join their Global Alliances group. At present I cannot reveal much more
about the job due to the sensitivity of this position. Suffice to say
that this requires me to actually pick up and move the cat and all of my
belongings to the Bay Area. Barring immigration hassles I will be
crossing the border on September 22nd.

Needless to say I'm VERY excited at the opportunity as well as somewhat
intimidated by such a massive change in lifestyle. I will be travelling
quite a bit (no, I'm NOT doing sales!) and will be popping into
Vancouver and Dallas occasionally to visit.

In the meantime, I'm cut off from my old BC TEL - supplied
communications resources, like my mobile phone & email. You can contact
me, before the moving date, at:

email: ibell@bctel.ca
mobile: (604) 727-8448
home: (604) 872-8448

I have NO idea whatsoever where I will be living or how you will be able
to contact me once I arrive in San Jose. Best thing I can suggest is
that you keep an eye on my web site at:


I'll put my current contact data on this web site whenever I figure it
out. In the meantime change all of your "belli@bctel.ca" address book
cards to "ibell@bctel.ca".

This move will be permanent, as this is of course a full-time salaried
position. My plan is to last at least four years with Cisco, so that I
can take full advantage of the vestiture of my bonus stocks. A lot can
happen in just four years, though, as the last four years have proven.

In the meantime, I've got lots of free time if anyone wants to take me
for lunch. :)