Re: Y2K and electric power industry (long)

Steve Nordquist (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 15:00:33 -0500

J Thomas's precocious .1 year old wrote:

> Not too sure about that (the industry transitioning properly). If you
> had a business that loads of people depended upon, and you knew that
> you were going to crash & burn in less than 500 days, would you tell
> people?

"Colorado Electric announced today that the flaming hell-dingoes thatpower its
dynamos have gotten loose. Please do not visit until the last
black government car has left and given you the okay." (actual sign)Hm. Break-ins
do go up (people scaling 24', razor-wire fences to getto the 2-Li filling plant,
for example...and 'ouch') at preannounced times
with unannounced activities (w/ poss. exception of this week, in which
we get incidents of complaints of nonround food.)

...and Rupert Murdoch isn't grabbing the roundness story.

Another likely tragedy: People will likely note that at Y2K, sysadmins will
actually be available, and they'll have these big series of questions....

> ...burning down their Gov't subsidised housing.

Look, Marsha! Americans!

> How will Johnny make it to school without his frozen
> waffles? His cereal pre-packaged with a milk box? His Florida(tm) Orange
> Juice? When people are hungry, they do desperate stupid things. I'm not
> taking chances.

Now, if tragedy were forecast by Sports Illustrated andWired, on the covers, you
could relax.

> Exactly. I've already got dried food, bottled water, propane & ammo
> stockpiled, and will have much more by next Sept. Anyone know the exp.
> date on a pkg. of Ramen?

2 years out; less for pork flavor (what was I thinking?) and 6 mos. for miso
packets.Propane? What about barbeque sauce? A shovel (in case you shoot
gamey?) Saffron? Crystals and sails and soy milk to trade for others' guns?
The throne boils over with blood. A voice booms "You dare to summon
Quehochal? Then die!"...<more>
The altar boils into smoke and blows away. Quehochal drinks a
pink potion. Quehochal disappears up through the ceiling! Call a pink potion...?

The Axolotl of Quehochal appears. The long sword called Sunsword appears
in the Axolotl's hands.

> Jay. Looking forward to New Years 2K in a cabin in N.H. :)

Remember Ronald Reagan (to video intercom while toying with
GPS water chart in neighbor's yacht)