Y2K and electric power industry (long)

Robert S. Thau (rst@ai.mit.edu)
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 21:32:04 -0400 (EDT)

For more information on Y2K and the electric industry, you might want
to check out http://www.euy2k.com, which is a web site run by a
power-industry consultant named Ric Cowles. Cowles also used to write
a column at Westergaard's site, http://www.y2ktimebomb.com --- it's
been taken over by someone else named Dick Mills, who tends to be more
sanguine (but on the basis of arguments which strike me as a bit

So, that's power. The question that's bugging me these days is
whether anyone knows what shape the water works and sewage plants are
in. Life without clean, fresh water is also potentially unpleasant
for people who have gotten overly used to having it...