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Dusseault ("Lisa)
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 16:29:08 -0700

I'd repeat your sentiments if I could pronounce all those strings of
punctuation marks...

On the radio-alarm this morning, hearing Clinton & the commentary made me
madder & madder until I turned it off in disgust. Then on the car-radio, it
was a channel-hopping exercise trying to stay away from more stupid

Later this morning I read in "The Power Of Myth", transcripts of
conversations with Joseph Campbell, something appropriate to the situation:

"When a judge walks into the room, and everybody stands up, you're not
standing up to that guy, you're standing up to the robe that he's wearing
and the role that he's going to play. What makes him worthy of that role is
his integrity, as a representative of the principles of that role, and not
some group of prejudices of his own. So what you're standing up to is a
mythological character. I imagine some kings and queens are the most
stupid, absurd, banal people you could run into, probably interested only in
horses and women, you know. But you're not responding to them as
personalities, you're responding to them in their mythological roles. When
someone becomes a judge, or President of the United States, the man is no
longer that man, he's the representative of an eternal office; he has to
sacrifice his personal desires and even life possibilities to the role that
he now signifies."

So everybody's misbehaving -- the president, the media for disrespect, the
house for turning it into reasons for partisan politics.

I'm callous enough not to care what Clinton did in his study if the economy
is good. And having lived in other countries (canada & france, both more
socialist), I realize that the US has a reasonable government, one that is
fitting for its individualist freedom-loving citizens, such as Jeff. So
mostly I feel anger over this ridiculous charade, waste of money and
especially everybody's time. "What did you learn about the US government in
1998, young child?" "I learned what the president does at work every day!"


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Is it just me, or is anyone else just totally sick of all of this? This
isn't anything but _The Scarlet Letter_ on a much grander, 20th Century
"media culture" scale. I've had it with: Ken Starr and the OIC;
Clinton; the *&^%$ politico Senators and Reps; gold-digging sluts like
Jones, Lewinsky, and all the rest; the party operatives; the pundits;
the holier-than-thou religious right; and MOST OF ALL the *&^*%$! NEWS

The only real issue here, as far as I can tell, is this... can anyone
think of the last substantial, positive thing the Fed's existance did
for them? If all the Fed, the OIC, the administration, the Congress,
and so on is good for is this kind of totally meaningless "bread and
circuses," well, that's a damned expensive sideshow, and on I'm sick of
being forced to pay for it against my will.


Fuggedaboutit. Peace, Anarchy, and Evil Smileys,