Re: Enough!

John Boyer (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 00:01:51 -0500

Jeff Bone wrote:
> USA 2.0 --- Time for a Rewrite.
> USA 3.0 --- Time for a Redesign and Rewrite.

The problem is, they already have a great specification and design!
We just have a VIRUS called Socialism.
I am amazed at what the federal guv-ment gets away with these days. Haven't any
of these people aver READ the constitution. It's quite clear about the things
that the federal government should do. ALL of the rest is left to the states.

As for Interstate Highways, you might recall those sparse signs on I-whatever
that have 5 stars and says the "Eisenhower Interstate Highway System". Well, the
only way the interstates could be legally, and rightly so, funded was to pretend
that they are for national defense.
The Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate & Defense Highways

Now, I agree that interstates are a good thing, but they should have been done
as a cooperation between the states, (an inter-state project). As for national
defense, they are supposed to make rapid deployment of US forces easier.
(Nevermind the fact that we have umpteen military bases in such strategic places
as Lawton OK, and Gadsden AL). On the the other hand, they make it all the
easier for an invading force to get around. In WWII England, all street signs
were removed, just to make it tougher on any possible invaders. These days of
course, this is not such an issue in warfare. But the whole thing does
illustrate the hypocrisy of yet another federal power grab. The ends do not
justify the means.

As for you Mr. Bone, I am tempted to use the "L" word on you. Yes, it's apparent
to me that you are a bleeding heart libertarian.


PS. As soon as I get rich enough (in about 2020), I'm gonna run for office, be a
one-termer, and just raise hell. So do you think somebody will dig this junk up
in twenty years?