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> << in other words, if Clinton's lawyers told him to lie, and admit doing
> then he is off the hook. circle gets the square. >>
> NO WAY. Youaremisinformed.
> GG

sorry gg but I am not. it's called "acting under the advice of counsel."
and it applies exactly to a situation like this. in other words if your
lawyer says, "you need money to pay my bill, why don't you go out and rob a
7-11" and you do it, well that just doesn't apply. however if your going to
a deposition and you say, "yeah, I was having cigar sex with this dirty
little whore" and your lawyers say, "we've looked at the definition as it
would apply and we advise you to say you weren't having sexual relations
with her", then that is what you say. later a OIC report comes out
accusing you of perjury and your lawyers take a bullet for you and say, "we
advised him to say that" that's it, game over. circle gets the corner

Circle Boy,

It's one thing to circumvent telling the truth by splitting legal hairs. His
attorneys will both be disbarred it they told him to LIE. If they knew that
Clinton had performed said cigar act AND all the other "stimulating"
acitivities, they would not have told him to answer "no" to event the strict
definition within the context of the Jones case without full knowledge that
they would be disbarred.

You don't differentiate between interpreting a rule or law for a client and
telling the client to lie or withhold evidence. BIG difference.

I'm not even addressing the fact that Clinton went to law school and knows
better, because if his atty's argue that he was acting on their advice it's
not legally relevant. That's not what I'm saying.

Kendall has already said "If they ask you your name, don't give them your
address." He didn't say "Don't tell them your name if they ask."

Square bites the circle.

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